Harnessing Thermal Energy from Waste Heat For Heating and Cooling Operations

What We Do at GeoBitmine

How We Create Year-Round Agriculture Jobs In Any Climate.

Our patent-pending process harnesses the waste heat, in the form of thermal
energy, put off by our Data Pods, in order to process that waste into heating and
cooling for operational buildings, In green housing alone, reducing heating costs
upwards of 40%. We can integrate our Data Pods onto any existing system, such as
water boilers, existing ductwork, or a completely new build-out providing heating-
cooling to the structure.

Demonstration of our Server Pods generating, harnessing, and filtering thermal
energy can be viewed below.

Your Farm



GeoBitmine Data Pod

Heating and cooling technology 

Does Your Operation or Land Qualify?

Our goal is to house our GeoBitmine Data Pods discreetly near your operational
complexes, agricultural farms, indoor vertical growing, local municipalities,
warehousing and distribution facilities, etc… and drastically reduce our partners
electricity bills by providing heat during the winter and cooling during peak
summer months.

Request a Pitch Deck below to see if your Operation qualifies.



Harnessing the Energy Emitted from Energy Intensive Crypto Miners & Data Centers, to Heat and Cool Operations.

Data Servers and Crypto-Pods generate vast amounts of waste heat. These servers
are used by every company and organization utilizing digital operations in today’s
world. That heat is simply ventilated outside and expelled back into our

GeoBitmine has developed a patent-pending process of capturing this waste heat
produced by data servers that will be housed in our data pods, installed near your
operations. Our thermodynamic process can effectively provide heating and
cooling to any structure, reducing electric costs by up to 40% for greenhouses,
making a sizable global impact on today’s energy crisis.

If your operation doesn’t have data servers on site, or do not have the data servers
required to generate enough waste heat to provide heating or cooling, GeoBitmine
offers Data Pods at no cost to be housed on site, to generate the waste heat needed
for your operation.




What is needed to bring our Data Pods to your operation or community?

  •  Existing greenhouse or vertical farming infrastructure.

  • Any drying facility (wood, cannabis, fruit, vegetables, hops, barley).

  • Government infrastructure (schools, hospitals, municipality complexes).

  • Structures requiring vast HVAC systems (Skyscrapers, large buildings, etc.)

  • Energy hookup to supply our server pods with the required power.

  • On-site space to house Data Pods and waste heat conversion system.

Our Mission

It is our mission to make a meaningful impact on the global energy crisis. Our
comprehensive approach increases production of rural farming communities,
generates local, sustainable year-round jobs, and invigorates green initiatives -- a
proven formula that will change the crypto mining and data server industries for
the betterment of the world. A vision of a healthier and more prosperous world.